Are you a car licence holder? you want to upgrade your licence to HR licence in Sydney NSW.


HR vehicles include:

· Trucks and buses with a GVM more than eight tones, and three or more axles

· Any towed trailer must not weigh more than nine tones GVM

· Bendy buses. Even though these vehicles are articulated, they’re treated as rigid vehicles.

What you need to apply for HR licence :

· Have held a class C licence, (except a learner licence) or equivalent for two years or more. Any time you've spent on a P1 licence counts, but you can't practice to drive an HR vehicle, or upgrade to an HR licence until you hold a P2 or full class C licence

· Pass the HR knowledge test

· Pass an eyesight test

· Successfully complete training and assessment with professional truck driving school in NSW and get qualified for HR truck licence.

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