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1-Pass the knowledge test for any classs of licence you want to apply , LR, MR, HR, HC, and MC licence,

2-Call Road Sense Truck Driving School for training and assessment.

We are an accredited truck driving school for LR, MR, HR , HC, and MC licence in Sydney NSW. we conduct all heavy vehicle licensing and run our courses 7 days a week from 7am to 6pm. you can choose to do your training morning or afternoon.

Day by day demand for HR truck licence in Sydney increasing and we need more driver on NSW roads. we help all new truck drivers to learn all necessary skills to drive heavy vehicles securely and safely on road. All students must pass 13 criteria’s during the training sessions with our professional trainer, including truck control, turning position, reversing, load securing and more. after training all students must pass the final assessments with one of our professional assessors.

As a professional Truck Driving School in Sydney, we educate new truck drivers the principles of handling a heavy rigid HR truck safely. At Road Sense Truck Driving School, we deliver high standards of Truck training and ensure all students understand the fundamentals of handling a heavy vehicle on NSW roads. So don’t need to wait any more you can get your LR, MR and HR truck licence today in Sydney NSW.

Road Sense Truck Driving School , we educate, train and assess HR truck licensing. We do training and assessment up to 13 criteria for all our Truck licence courses. Providing a high standard to all new truck drivers, this includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck driver needs. We can help you to get your HR truck licence in Sydney ASAP.


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